Personal & Family Budgeting

If you answer yes to any of the following then we can help:


1. Are you finding it hard to make ends meet?


2. Do you have people harrassing you by phone or knocking at your door for unpaid bills?


3. Are you finding it hard to save? 


4. Dont know where all your hard earned money is going?

Resolve Accounting
Resolve Accounting
Resolve Accounting

If you answered yes to any of the above then do not hesitate, call us. Our experienced, friendly, understanding and compassionate team can run through with you your personal situation and from the information obtained prepare for you, in consultation with you, your very own personalised "savings road map" to take the pressure off. Where necessary we can negotiate on your behalf with Creditors and assist you to consolidate your debt.


This plan must be personalised for you and your family as every family and individual is unique and has unique needs that must be catered for. To be sustainable a plan MUST be achievable and not unbearably painful. If not the plan will not be followed long term and will be a waste of your and our time. Thus a personalised plan is the only way to go. 


Our goal, with you, is simple. It is to arrange your affairs in such a way that you know that every dollar you earn is accounted for and where it is going. This involves the following initial steps:


1. Consolidate your bank accounts


2. Consolidate your credit cards - where posssible


3. Consolidate your other debts - where possible


Once done we will work with you to allocate your income in order of priority to ensure, ongoing, your bills are paid on time and that any excess funds are used for living, recreation (we all need recreartion regardless - without "smelling the roses" no plan is sustainable) and savings.


1. Neccesary accounts (mortgage, rent, power, water groceries etc) paid on time to avoid late payment fees.


2. Credit card accounts (including minimum monthly payments) paid on time to avoid money wasted on late payment fees


3. General living costs allowance (Health, schooling costs etc)


4. Recreation allowance ("Smelling the roses")


5. Set a minimum savings goal - this may require time and also "massaging" expenditure set out in items 1 to 4.


This does not have to be a painful process however the longer you leave it the more Financial Pain is likely. Do not hesitate if you have any doubt call our friendly understanding team now!