Resolve Accounting

We Make Changing Accountants Easy

We understand that changing accountants might be awkward. As such, once you request our ongoing services you may also request we contact your previous accountant and take care of all the transfer issues. This is a simple process that takes away your un-needed hassles. 


We can do the following on your behalf:


1. We can write to your previous accountant informing of your change of service provider


2. We can contact your previous accountant and request all your old books, records and last set of financial statements and tax returns so that you can avoid that awkward phone call


3. We can take care of notifying the Australian Taxation Office of your change of Tax Agent.


If you would like to learn more about us or change to an experienced accountant with a personal and proactive approach to your financial wellbeing contact us now for a no obligation appointment.  

What Can You Expect From Us

1. Rates that are disclosed and very reasonable for the industry


2. Monthly Payment Options


3. A range of value added services that can improve your business             profitability


5. We offer you Experienced Tax planning and proactive tax advice


6. Access to Principal and Senior staff in a timely manner. We are                  “approachable and communicative”. You should feel comfortable asking     questions.


8. We listen and offer advice and understanding


7. We will and do take an interest in you and your business personally           and strive to develop a real understanding and appreciation of your           business


9. We provide a FREE regular newsletter to keep you up to date - possibly saving you thousands - This is in excess of $200 value for free. 


11. We look past your “historic” data and offer new strategies & services         aligned with your goals


14. We stick by you in tough times

Resolve Accounting

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