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Company Secretarial Services

By law, every limited company must have a Company Secretary to undertake a variety of tasks crucial to the smooth running of the company. This includes ensuring that the company's statutory obligations are met. Our practice can undertake the following secretarial tasks for you to ease your administrative burden.


Company Registered Office:

Your Pty Ltd company must have a registered office. The Companies Act requires companies to maintain and make available to the public, the Company Minute Book. These must be accessible between the hours of 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. In addition if you require a central point for correspondence from ASIC and The Australian Taxation Office or are not sure where to locate your Registered Office, then why not use our Office? We can receive all important correspondence and either forward it onto you or deal with it on your behalf.


Minute Book Maintenance:

There is a considerable onus placed on small businesses to fulfil their ASIC statutory obligations. The Companies Act requires companies to maintain and make available to the public The Company Minute Book. This must contain:

  • Register of Members

  • Register of Directors and Secretaries

  • Register of Directors' interests in shares and debentures

  • Register of Charges


We can help keep the company's statutory affairs up to date, maintaining all necessary Registers.


Statutory forms

ASIC also requires statutory forms completed to notify of any changes to the company officers / members / Addresses etc. We can help ensure compliance with these requirements of ASIC.


ASIC Annual Returns

All Limited Companies are required to lodge an Annual Return to ASIC along with passing the necessary directors minute declaring that the Company is able to pay it debts as and when they fall due. We can notify you when the ASIC annual return is issued and due and take care of much of this compliance on your behalf including preparation of any ASIC forms required to notify of Company changes as and when necessary.

Resolve Accounting | Accounting & Taxation

Why choose Resolve Accounting for your Company Secretarial services?



  • We can deal with ASIC on your behalf

  • We are local 

  • We will take away all your ASIC Compliance burden

  • You get a great service at an affordable price

  • We provide Registered Office accommodation with the required Minute Book accessibility to comply with ASIC regulations

Other Services

We also provide the following services:

  • Litigation Support

  • Succession Planning